Correctors & Neutralizers

CorrectorsDMKC Correctors offer a range of ten specially formulated colors that act as correctors and neutralizers.

Rather than simply ‘cover up’ skin discolorations – the typical approach of ‘over-the-counter’ products – our correction colors work to neutralise all types of blemishes by manipulating how light reflects off the surface of the skin.

Clients need less make-up for perfect results!

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YH s YELLOW HILITE For fair or light european skin tones. Yellow Hilite is used with olive, Asian and skin tones requiring accenting with yellow based colors. It's also great for mixing with foundations to lower the color intensity without lowering the base tone of the foundation. Yellow HiLite also removes subtle violet tones while highlighting foundation colors.
OH s ORANGE HILITE Is an all-purpose Hilite used for all Caucasian, and European skin tones. Its warm base will actually highlight and reduce subtle blueness on the skin and highlight at the same time. Orange HiLite will actually lighten foundations containing coral and warmer skin tones.
PH s PINK HIGHLIGHT For light to medium skin tones. Pink HiLite is a warm highlight used for warmer based foundation colors. It's subtle pink undertone reduces subtle browns while highlighting.
DH s SPECIAL DARK HILITE Highlights medium dark to deep skin tones with a natural brown color.Great to use to create a custom hilite my mixing with the foundation color. (A great natural lip color)
LL1 s NATURAL LOLITE I "Light Cafe" - This beautiful, subtle shade of brown is excellent for contouring areas of the face that need less emphasis. Recommended for fair to medium-light skin tones.
LL2 s NATURAL LOLITE II "Expresso" - Used exactly like Lolite I, this dark neutral brown is for darker medium to darkest skin tones.
BN2 s RED CORRECTOR I "Muted Green" - Eliminates unwanted skin tone and excessive redness dur to acne, sunburn, and other red based dermatological skin.
RN2 s RED CORRECTOR II "Subtle Yellow" - Is used for darker skintones which need excessive redness removed or reduced.
BN1 s BLUE CORRECTOR I A warmer orange-based color used to reduce excessive blueness
RN1 s BLUE CORRECTOR II Darker orange-based colors to reduce excessive blueness on the skin. Excellent for men)

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