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DMKC Music Video #1 - "Full Makeup with only DMKC Foundatons #1"

Watch Australian and Italy's Cheri Spaso as she takes a DMKC model from no makeup to perfetion using nothing but DMK Foundations and a little lip gloss. Watch this DMKC Music Video as Cheri goes through each application step from matching the foundation to the skin to finish in a musical styled video.


DMKC Music Video #2 - "The Power of DMKC over Tattoos"

One of our amazing videos... Watch Tommy Parsons, Administrative Director for DMK Cosmetics cover a tattoo on our Australian Tattoo Boy. This short but precise video will leave you spell bound, while demonstrating how easy it is to work with DMKC Foundations and proof it covers anything. You can also download "Applications for additional coverage" in the Training Article Section.


Application #1 "Beauty Makeup with only DMKC" - Details

Detaileed version of Cheri application in our first video. Cheri Spaso demonstrated, Application, the incredible use of DMKC foundation for everything on the face. Not only for a foundaton, but for eye color, cheek color, accents of highlights and shadows, lip color, eye liner, mascara, eye brows - all using only DMKC foundations.

Note: She used a clear lip gloss on the lips over a DMKC foundation color.


DMK Cosmetics tour Hollywood's M.E.L. (Makeup & Effects Laboratories)

DMK Cosmetics tour Hollywood's M.E.L. (Makeup & Special Effects Laboratories) with Emmy Award winning makeup artist Brad Look and, DMK Founder and President, Danné Montague-King. DMK Cosmetics high definition makeup is an oil free, highly pigmented, heat resistant camouflage foundaton already used by Hollywood professionals and now people worldwide, watch as Brad demonstrates techniques and gives advise and honest feedback with this amazing new camouflage cosmetic. Actress Thea Gill also shares her experiences on the set wearing DMK Cosmetics, see why this advanced makeup is changing people's lives and creating new standards in both the film and beauty industries.

Note: This video hosted on YouTube.

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