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DMK Cosmetics Professional Brush Cleaner is the only non- flammable Brush cleaner in the world which cleans, conditions, sanitises and promotes longevity with all make-up Brushes. It contains no harmful ingredients that will harm natural hair or synthetic fibres, yet it is strong enough to clean stubborn mascara, lipstick and other highly pigmented cosmetics from Brushes.


DMKC Brush Cleaner comes in a 4-oz./120ml bottle with a pour spot. The number of Brushes to be cleaned is dependent on the size of the Brushes.

Ingredients usage of DMKC Brush Cleaner

This proprietarily blend of ingredients is non-flammable and can be transported in luggage. The CFR listings code (regulatory code for possible hazardous materials is listed on each bottle stating the all materials that are considered hazardous are in concentrations lower than the standards set for by government regulations). This product can be shipped by all shipping methods including air shipments.

DMK Cosmetics developed the Brush Cleaner in response to the demands of professional make-up artists in Hollywood.

Materials needed:
DMKC Professional Brush Cleaner
Small tissue or cotton cloth
Small glass bowl

Note: Be sure to use a glass bowl or small container to hold DMKC Brush Cleaner during the cleaning process. Never place your dirty DMKC Brush directly into your supply of Brush Cleaner – this contaminates your supply.

Directions for using the DMKC Brush Cleaner

  1. In a small glass bowl pour in approximately 1/2 cm of DMKC Brush Cleaner.
    Step 1Step 1
  2. If you are not going to use the cleaner immediately, you may want to consider covering with some type of cap.
  3. Remove the excess DMKC Brush Cleaner from the Brush using a tissue or small towel. This is an important first step. Removing excess only saves on Brush cleaner.
    Step 3Step 3
  4. For small Brushes, place the tip of the Brush into the Brush Cleaner. Do not push the Brush against the bottom. Brushes naturally absorb liquids; so let your Brush do the work for you. Pushing the Brush and swirling the Brush around in circles can destroy the integrity of the Brush and damage its shape. Pull the Brush out of the Brush cleaner and clean using a tissue or towel. Repeat if necessary until the Brush is clean.
    Step 4AStep 4A Step 4BStep 4B
  5. For larger Brushes (like a powder Brush), place the tip in the Brush cleaner and allow the Brush cleaner to flow up into the Brush. When the Brush is thoroughly soaked, take it out of the Brush cleaner and gently remove the cleaner from the bristles using a tissue or towel. This may be repeated if necessary.
  6. Allow one to two minutes for small Brushes to dry completely and 10 to 20 minutes for larger Brushes (depending on the size of the Brush). You can use a hand held hair dryer to dry larger Brushes if you cannot afford the time.
  7. Your Brushes are now completely cleaned, conditioned and sanitized.
  8. For storage and especially travelling, keep your DMKC Premier Brushes in the tube – this will protect them from possible bristle damage. When travelling with Brush cleaner, make sure the cap is tightly applied to avoid spillage – just in case place it in a plastic, zip lock type of bag. Do this for all liquid or cream products when you are travelling.

Note: DMKC Brush Cleaner is formulated so all make-up particles sink to the bottom of the container. By ‘tipping’ your Brush into the top of the container, you never pull out contaminated Brush Cleaner while cleaning.

Tech Tip: When you place your items out for application, it is always a good idea to have at least 2 of each Brush so that while 1 is drying, you have the 2nd one available for instant usage.

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