Pre-application Process

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The application process is very easy. Remember, you as the technician should be able to accomplish this within a specific period of time.

Every client you have will be a special case and should be treated as such because every client you have has a completely different taste and specific need for make-up. Additional time should be allowed for special cases requiring extended correction and neutralisation. In addition to this, time should be allotted for an initial consultation to find out the specific needs the client requires.

Sometimes these specific needs adversely affect the outcome and the perception of the makeup application from the viewpoint of the client. Some clients wear and feel very comfortable with foundations that do not match the skin – noticeably. In cases like these, extreme diplomacy needs to be applied to the initial evaluation and the first application. For example, a client who wears a colour which is too pink for their skin tone may not be happy with a Foundation that matched their skin tone. The shock value would upstage your work. Prepare the client for this beforehand so as not to shock client. The initial impression will influence the overall outcome and the customer’s ability to recommend more clients for you in the future.

There are a few things that are recommended
before the make-up is applied:

  1. Ensure your client’s face is clean. If your client has just completed a DMK Skin Revision Treatment they are ready for the final step: the application of make-up. If they have not been cleansed, select the right products from the DMK Alpha range and perform a 5 minute cleansing and skin preparation before the application.
  2. Ensure your hands are clean. There is no need to use protective materials for most make-up applications. In the event you’re applying make-up to someone with any virus, you may want to use gloves and/or a mask and include the cost of your materials in the consultation.
  3. Your client should be in a well-lit area and seated comfortably. If the client has just finished the treatment, the make-up application should be performed on the treatment bed with the bed at a 30-degree angle. If this is a consultation or a makeover, seat the client in a tall chair.
  4. You should be comfortable and have the ability to work on the client without extreme stooping in order to avoid back problems – you need to be comfortable in order to concentrate on your client.
  5. A large hand mirror is important during application. Your training and consultation needs to be watched, step-by-step, by the client. This not only educates your client, but it sells product. If you’re performing a special make-up (i.e., covering a specific skin problem) it is recommended not to allow the client to watch. You will be using special neutralisers and correctors that will cause the client to ask questions and possibly distract you from concentrating of the use and selection of the right colours. This is decided upon on a case-by-case basis and an exception is when you are training or teaching your client.

Tech Tip: an exception is when you are training or teaching your client. Using DMK products on a non-DMK skin revision client, is a good way to expand your DMK sales from Cosmetics into skin care.

  1. Keep a record of everything you use. Always use the DMK Cosmetics prescription pad for recording products used for potential post-application sales. Plus, you will be surprised at the number of clients that love the make-up but can never remember what colour they wear – this keeps you from doing colour matches over and over.
  2. Keep your application area clean. There is no way you can impress your client when your tools and make-up are presented in a poor condition.
  3. Have all the necessary materials, tools, and supplies handy at your fingertips; this makes you look more professional. The entire ensemble of colour and tools should be laid out on a white cloth and readily available.
  4. Once your client is seated ready for the application, avoid phone calls and questions from your staff and other clients.
  5. Never perform a consultation on more than one client at a time. Always work with your client on a one-on-one basis. Each client has different needs and different colours. This customises your client’s needs and helps you prescribe the right products and procedures.
  6. Work with your client on every part of the entire application process. Education is the key here. Sometimes, you will have to re-educate your client from previous mistakes and bad habits they have accumulated. When you re-educate, show them a positive difference and prove DMK Cosmetics do exactly what they are supposed to do.
  7. Discuss the client’s needs, requirements and lifestyle. This will help you in prescribing the right colours and application procedures.
  8. Always experiment and practice in your spare time. You will never educate yourself unless you practice and practice. Feel free to offer make-up applications to anyone just for practice (or for potential sales).
  9. Ensure you wear DMK Cosmetics and that the application is perfect – after all, you’re a walking advertisement and can offer personal testimony to the grandeur of the products. This is especially noticeable in the eye, cheek, and lip colours. In addition to this, remember to be conscience of strong fragrances as well as your breath. After all, you will be working very closely to your client.

The DMKC Prescription Pad can be used to record your client’s make-up history and to create a ‘shopping list’ for the products used. Write down everything including: products, application tools and don’t forget DMKC Brush Cleaner!

Tech Tip: The use of a gel hand sanitiser can be used during application.


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