Before & After

Facelift and Quadrilateral Blepharoplasties
Before: 3 days post-op facelift and quadrilateral blepharoplasties
After: Immediately after application of makeup on the 3rd day.

This Beautiful Bronze Beauty is Phyllis
Phyllis show us what DMKC does on darker skintones and African Ameican Skintones.
NO more foundations with all the "Red" - "A true Darkskin Color just for me"
We call this "plain to beauty" No more dark circles, an even natural skintone, and covered me like a
second skin!

Black and White Line Body Torso Tattoo
Before (left) Dark tattoo lines prior to coverage of makeup
After: (right) Tattoo completely covered by makeup
Additional: Video available on YouTube

Full Color Torso Body Tattoo
Application Technique information: Paper tape was placed down the center of the torso to create the before and after on the model for perfect comparison (i.e., lighting, focal length, etc.)
Before: (left side of torso) Full tattoo with multiple colors
After: (right side of torso) Full tattoo completely covered

Simple bruise covered on male
Before: (top and bottom left) minor bruise under the orbital area with several colors
After: (tope and botton right) minor bruise under the orbital area after makeup application
Note: Model had sun damage and minor rosecia as well thus the after images have a foundation on the face.

Before: (left) Male with moderate vitiligo on lower inner forearms
After: (right) Male showing no vitiligo after makeup applicatrion
Note: Male did makeup himself with no training
Note: The tattoo on his right inner forearm says: “This is called vitiligo”
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