About Danné

Dannes-Official-BW-Photo 112Over the years Founder of DMK Cosmetics™ Danné Montague-King experimented with different cosmetic mediums and bases with the aim of achieving remedial effects for clients who suffered from acne or other skin anomalies. In the early years when he was a clinic owner he would often mix and match multiple cosmetics products and brands with other makeup ingredients in order to achieve a natural effect.

However, when it came to recommending a specific makeup brand for his clients, he had nothing to offer them except to suggest water-based cosmetics or products that were low on mineral oils. It is exceedingly difficult to find cosmetic products that aren’t harmful or damaging to the skin or that work against skin revision theory and practice.

This line of reasoning prompted Danné to consider developing his own range of cosmetics. As cosmetics and skincare are often considered to be two different business arenas, he put his cosmetics dream on the front burner and created DMK Cosmetics™.

‘While at my age I should probably be looking down the road to retirement, I am proud to say that I have instead decided to set myself to the task of creating a cosmetics range that is truly of the highest caliber. To be able to say that with conviction gives me the thrill of a lifetime’ Danné says.

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