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DMK ALPHA is a comprehensive range of fundamental skin care products designed for easy application. Within the range you will find a product to meet every individual’s needs. Each product has key characteristics that benefit a range of sin conditions. DMK ALPHA utilises effective phytotherapy keeping you looking good naturally. Quality skin care that is not complicated.



AHA Tonic
This tonic will help remove dead skin material, residue debris and excess sebum. Skin will feel fresh, smooth, clean, moist but not oily.

Soothing Tonic
This refreshing, alcohol free tonic made with Aloe Vera and vitamins, acts as a skin comforter. It relieves any irritation or discomfort.

Solar Damage Gel
A specialised gel moisturiser formulated to repair deficiencies and re-establishing essential elements that sustain and stimulate youthful, healthy skin. Enhancing the natural water barriers, and defences it restores skin punished by age, harmful ultra violet rays, climatic conditions and any external aggravation.

Acu Masque

Acu MasqueA diverse and versatile application, beneficial for problematic skins and ideal for blemish prone and oily skin. It purifies ducts plugged by dead cells and sebum on the surface of the skin and prevents pimple eruptions. Tightens pores, purifies, heals and soothes inflammation and irritation

Unique functions and benefits:
For problematic skins it can effectively eliminate blackheads. It clears ducts plugged by dead cells and sebum on the surface of the skin, and prevents pimple eruptions. It tightens pores, purifies, heals and soothes inflammation and irritation.

Key ingredients:
Zinc Oxide

Micro peel
MicropeelA non-irritating exfoliant that effectively smoothes and gently removes dead cells and debris from the surface of the skin. micro peel helps restore a fresh, soft, glowing appearance to the skin.

Unique functions and benefits:
Improves the appearance of skin that is dull, has a coarse texture, fine lines and uneven skin tones. Restores a fresh, smooth more youthful radiance to the skin. Refines the texture, whilst replenishing the skin’s natural acidity

Key ingredients:
Glycolic Acid
Lactic Acid
Citric Acid
Ascorbic Acid

Hydrating Masque
Hydrating MasqueProvides supreme hydration to your skin by restoring vital moisture. The Hydrating Masque prevents premature ageing by reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

It also fights against the damaging effects of free radicals and prevents skin dehydration. Soothes and calms, reduces inflammation and irritation and restores balance to eliminate sensitivity Promotes healing and skin health.

Key ingredients:

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